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Surgical or Non-Surgical Hair Treatment – Which is more Suitable?

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by Dushan Stankovic

Hair replacement has become quite frequent these days due to the problem of hair loss increasing at an alarming rate. Earlier, it was a notion that receding hairlines occurred due to aging, but it is not uncommon to find hair loss issues in people in their 20s. But before undergoing any particular hair treatment, you need to weigh its pros & cons, including the cost and safety. There are options for both surgical and non-surgical hair implants.

What is surgical hair restoration?

This type of hair replacement involves some kind of elaborate and complex procedure performed on you. It facilitates healthy growth of hair follicles that have been transplanted into the scalp. It is slightly costly, but also effective. However, there is the possibility of side effects after the surgery including scarring and painful sensations.

What is non-surgical hair restoration?

Some people are not comfortable with surgery, which is why they opt for non-surgical procedures that entail hair follicles being transplanted individually.

For example the ARTAS technique uses digital mapping and a robotic arm to locate donor areas from your scalp, and generates permanent results in the form of healthy and natural-looking hair.

Moreover, there is zero linear scarring and speedy recovery time. ARTAS is also quite cost-effective and non-invasive at the same time.

Hair cloning has also generated a lot of interest where a person’s hair sample is extracted and the growth occurs in vitro or outside the body, after which they are re-implanted onto the scalp. This technique seems promising, even though elaborate research is required to produce a conclusive outcome.

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