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I have been working with Tatiana Maya and her team since 2004. I have found the quality of their work to be outstanding and their attention to customer satisfaction exemplary. They have been an invaluable asset to my patients who get natural density and hairline orientation. They use the latest state of the art techniques to insure maximum hair regrowth. The quality of their work stands heads above the competition.
Dr. Mark L. Zukowski, MD, Chicago, IL
I say thank you to all of the personnel who gave me a feeling of comfort and safety. I am telling everyone about my experience at Hair Restoration Specialist. It is unbelievable.
Jashjuan S, Chicago
Tatiana, I really appreciate everything you have done for me. You are truly a special person… I will be in your office on Monday for Doctor Stein – I hope to see you.
Jim, Zurich, Switzerland
Given that this procedure truly is a surgery, I was greatly impressed at the speed of recovery and the minimal discomfort I experienced. Tatiana and the staff were quite professional, open and transparent about how the procedure would go and how my individual results would turn out. After 7 weeks, my hair growth is progressing a little faster than I expected and I am thrilled with the progress so far.
Marty, Chicago

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