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Hair Loss Myths Debunked

Posted on: March 18th, 2015 by Dushan Stankovic

Hair loss problems aren’t age-specific anymore – it is not uncommon to see young people with thinning hair these days. But then again, early detection and proper treatment via hair transplant techniques makes it possible to restore normal growth in receding portions and bald patches.

Unfortunately, there are lots rumors and speculations regarding hair restoration procedures, which have resulted in several myths:

Hair transplants are temporary

While that might have been true in the past when transplants would be required every few months or so, cutting edge techniques such as the ARTAS procedure guarantee permanent effects. This method has been successfully implemented on both men and women and has resulted in healthy and natural growth patterns.

A hair transplant clinic rips you off

Any reputable hair loss clinic (Chicago) will never try and extract more money from their patients. They work hard to keep prices as reasonable as possible and offer the most effective treatments for hair-related issues.

Hair restoration is painful

A modern procedure such as the ARTAS, which is also known as robotic hair restoration, is virtually painless due to the usage of local anesthesia.  The advanced robotics and state-of-the-art digital mapping ensures the donor areas are identified accurately and doesn’t leave linear scars.  Once the hair follicles are grafted individually to the thinning portions, you will notice consistent growth in the coming months. Moreover, the recovery time is also very fast.

Extensive maintenance is needed

While outpatient care is definitely required, there is no elaborate maintenance involved after surgery. Normal shampoo and conditioning continues as before and you might have to apply a couple of gels or solutions if your doctor recommends them. However, it still varies depending upon the type of hair loss issue, the degree of restoration, and several other factors.

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