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Eyebrow Transplant Restoration Procedures

Posted on: November 9th, 2014 by Denis Zlatov


What Is The Eye Brow Restoration Procedure?

There are a variety of things that can cause a person to lose eyebrow hair. Some of those things include health problems, genetics and hair removal procedures, such as laser hair removal. Burns, trauma and surgery can also lead to eyebrow loss.

Absent or thin eye brows can bring unwanted attention to someone’s face. That is why many people today are opting to get the eye brow restoration procedure. This procedure involves taking a small amount of hair from the area above the ears and grafting it into the brow area.


How Long Does It Take To Perform The Brow Restoration Procedure?

The amount of time that it takes to perform this procedure can vary depending on the amount of hair being transplanted. However, this procedure typically takes anywhere from two to four hours. The average female gets 200 to 300 hairs grafted, and the average male gets 300 to 400 hairs grafted.


Is This Procedure Right For Me?

If you are interested in getting eye brow restoration, then you will need to consult with a physician. A physician will help you decide whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. It is important to note that eye brow restoration is a very artistic procedure. The brows are designed based on a person’s features, facial type and the results he or she is trying to achieve. The appropriate thickness, arch shape, brow length and the space between the brows are some of the other things that the physician considers.


How Many Treatments Will I Need To Get?

Most patients will need only need to get one treatment. However, a small percentage of patients do need to get a touch up.


Benefits Of Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow restoration is completely natural. It is impossible for people to distinguish the transplanted hairs from the existing brow hair. This is one of the many advantages eyebrow restoration has over other procedures, such as eyebrow tattooing or dyeing. Furthermore, this procedure is less expensive than many other cosmetic procedures. That is why eyebrow restoration is in such high demand.


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