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Artas Specialists Chicago

Posted on: October 16th, 2014 by Dushan Stankovic


The Artas Specialists in Chicago offer an innovative new take on hair restoration procedure. There are numerous benefits over the traditional strip hair restoration procedure. The Artas procedure isn’t as intense or painful of a procedure as the traditional methods, making it a safer, less invasive one.

In traditional strip procedures, a strip of the scalp is removed from the back of the donor’s head area, requiring the strip to be cut out with a scalpel and then stitched back together. Part of the disadvantages to this type of procedure includes pain that requires prescription medication and other discomforting symptoms such as numbness, lingering pain and tightness in the scalp. Additionally, there may be a visible scar where the piece of scalp was removed, and the total recovery time can take up to several weeks.

With the Artas procedure, however, donors do not have any visible scarring from the procedure. Rather than having to cut out a portion of the scalp with a scalpel, each hair is individually removed with literally robotic precision. Any discomfort that the donor area receives after the procedure can be tempered with a mild ibuprofen rather than a medical prescription. The recovery time from the Artas procedure is merely a few days.

With the Artas procedure, patients are offered a permanent and natural solution to hair loss. The procedure utilizes their own hair to transplant the donor area hair in thinning areas and allow it to grow back naturally. The recovery time for the Artas procedure is virtually painless and significantly faster than that of traditional strip procedures. The Artas procedure utilizes a special formula that is designed with anesthetic to reduce any swelling.

The entire Artas procedure usually takes anywhere from four to eight hours to conduct, depending upon the amount of hair that you need to remove and have transplanted to achieve your hair restoration goals. Part of what makes Artas so successful is that the transplanted hair is not susceptible to the same conditions that caused the baldness in the first place, male pattern baldness. Additionally, the transplanted hair does not require any special care in order for it to grow. Once it’s been transplanted, patients can simply go about their lives as normal without anyone even knowing that they have received a hair transplant.

For an innovative and permanent solution to hair loss, consider undergoing the Artas procedure. Safer and less painful than traditional procedures, it will give you back confidence of a full head of hair.