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ARTAS Procedure Results

Posted on: October 28th, 2014 by Denis Zlatov

Hair restoration shouldn’t be scary. Incredible results are possible without the hazards of severe pain and scarring. Fortunately, many patients have had not just their looks transformed; their entire lives have changed thanks to ARTAS procedure results. These people have done their research, looking beyond conventional treatments until they discovered our unique method.

The FUE procedure uses the ARTAS robotic system to transplant hair follicles that are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) located on the back side of the head into the affected scalp areas where the hair grows normally for a life time.

Additionally, body hair can also be used for transplantation into the scalp, where it grows much longer than elsewhere on the body. The donor site heals quickly and remains free of scarring. This is great news for patients who feared they would spend their lives feeling less than confident. The ARTAS procedure results they experience enable men and women to look and feel more attractive, improve their social and romantic prospects, and advance in their careers due to increased self-assurance.

Hair restoration by traditional (STRIP) methods can be incredibly painful. In addition, recovery can be a long, painful process involving uncomfortable swelling. The combination of the FUE procedure, state-of-the-art ARTAS robotic equipment, ongoing research and the expertise of our skilled team provides the natural look our patients desire — without the negative effects caused by conventional techniques. Precision laser targeting is the key to giving our patients a new lease on life. If you feel you could benefit from hair restoration, contact our staff for more information about ARTAS procedure results today.


Here are actual photographs taken shortly after ARTAS FUE hair restoration procedure:

artas procedure donor area

Hair transplant donor area 72 hours after ARTAS hair restoration procedure

artas procedure results

Front transplant area 72 hours after ARTAS FUE procedure



Front transplant area shortly after ARTAS FUE procedure

artas procedure results temple

Temple hair transplant area shortly after ARTAS FUE procedure