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I had the good fortune of having my hair transplant done by an extremely capable and compassionate professional: Tatiana Maya. Her years of experience was apparent not just in her technical skills, but also in her patience to do things right. Never once in the long procedure did I feel that she was rushing, or settling for “good enough.” Tatiana explained the process to me as we went along, and spent as much time as I needed answering questions about what to expect, post-procedure. Amazing as it sounds, she made the experience pleasurable … which is a lot to say when you consider that an incision is made and hairs are being individually transplanted into your head. I highly recommend Tatiana and would recommend her without hesitation; I am very grateful to her.

– Jane Wolff – Honolulu, USA

I have been working with Tatiana Maya and her team since 2004. I have found the quality of their work to be outstanding and their attention to customer satisfaction exemplary. They have been an invaluable asset to my patients who get natural density and hairline orientation. They use the latest state of the art techniques to insure maximum hair regrowth. The quality of their work stands heads above the competition.

– Dr. Mark L. Zukowski, MD, Chicago, IL

Hello Tatiana, I hope you and your colleagues had a very nice Christmas. I just wanted to update you on my eyebrow hair transplant. My eyebrows have settled down very nicely after the surgery. I am pleased with the overall appearance. I am confident that they will look very natural when the process of hair regrowth has been completed.

Thank you once again to you and your colleagues for taking such good care of me.

Warmest regards.

– Keith, London, UK

Tatiana, I really appreciate everything you have done for me. You are truly a special person… I will be in your office on Monday for Doctor Stein – I hope to see you.

– Jim, Zurich, Switzerland

For those who are considering hair transplantation, I can’t speak more highly of or recommend more enthusiastically the professionals at the office of Dr. Kenneth L. Stein, MD.I have had two outpatient hair transplant surgeries, performed by Tatiana Maya and her team and the results are fantastic! From the initial consultation, through the surgery and aftercare, Tatiana was outstanding! She is creative with hair line design, meticulous and patient with hair transplantation and very attentive and caring about your comfort during and after surgery. It’s nice to look and feel younger.

– JW

At the end of 2014, I read about the ARTAS ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT SYSTEM and FUE procedure when I typed “hair restoration” into an internet search. The first entry of the search results turned out to be Hair Restoration Specialists located in my hometown of Chicago. I became fascinated by the use of the ARTAS ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT SYSTEM robot and the promise of no stitches or linear scars. In past years I had looked into hair restoration but I was completely turned off by Bosley’s aggressiveness, cost, and the potential for swelling that could take months to disappear. I was also turned off by my seeing the results of stitches and linear scars in two friends.

In January 2015, I went in for an evaluation with Hair Restoration Specialists. Again, I was impressed by the promise of natural looking results, no scars, and quick recovery time. I was prepared to spend more than what I was quoted. What impressed me further was the fact that HRS did not pester me with phone calls or emails. I received one call a week later and when I indicated I needed more time to think about it, Tatiana was completely agreeable. There was no pressure to spend money or commit. I did eventually commit and once again I was impressed by the flexibility and the promise to refund the deposit if I changed my mind.

On March 13, I went ahead with the procedure and the only thing I can say is I wish I had done it years ago. During most of the 8 hour session I was knocked out so I have vague recollections of the actual procedure. However what I do remember is the extremely friendly and professional treatment provided by all the staff at the beginning and toward the end. All these wonderful (& beautiful) women made sure I was comfortable, secure, and well fed. Regarding the results, I have not been this happy with my appearance in over 15 years. I didn’t believe I would make it to work three days later without an odd appearance but I did and almost no one noticed a change.

Each day the results looked fuller and more and more natural, something which continues today. I had 2200 hairs extracted and relocated so I will not say I did not experience discomfort days after the procedure. However, ibuprofen took care of it and I had no trouble sleeping or working. As I am writing this I cannot believe how much better I look and the procedure was only two weeks ago. It’s funny. I find myself approaching my colleagues with thinning hair and encouraging them to undergo this procedure because I have so much faith in it and it has only been two weeks.

– Manuel V, Chicago

Given that this procedure truly is a surgery, I was greatly impressed at the speed of recovery and the minimal discomfort I experienced. Tatiana and the staff were quite professional, open and transparent about how the procedure would go and how my individual results would turn out. After 7 weeks, my hair growth is progressing a little faster than I expected and I am thrilled with the progress so far.

– Marty, Chicago

I am writing you today so I can express how wonderful my experience was at Hair Restoration Specialists. From the moment I phoned in to inquire about the procedure, I received nothing but encouragement and informative information to help me decide on my needs. I was greeted, over the phone, by a young lady named Nina who was exceptional in helping me understand the different types of procedures.

I was inquiring with about three other potential hair clinics, over the phone and on-line, but could not find any office that could compare to the knowledge and the profoundness I received, all while communicating with Nina at Hair Restoration Specialists. Her down-to-earth personality and ability to communicate professionally without sounding like a scripted tape-recorder convinced me that I was making the best choice by choosing them. So I confirmed an appointment.

Upon arriving at the office I would not have EVER expected to see such beautiful women (literally) who are so very excited to help me achieve my goals and restore a level of confidence that I had missed for a long time. During my appointment I was kind of nervous but I was shown around and introduced to the staff in the office, which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Unlike most appointments that have you fill out paper work and place you in a room by yourself for the duration of the appointment. These ladies were open to me seeing where the procedure would take place, what the machine looks like in person and how it works. Tatiana Maya is simply amazing and very specific in how she educated me even further as it pertains to the procedure along with affordable options after I heal from the procedure, if I wished to press forward. She had even more to offer, which was more than I had expected or even experienced in my ten-year journey of achieving a hairline again. I am pretty sure Tatiana is the reason I feel stronger today. She made me feel younger and has given me a new start.

I am very happy with my outcome. I can write for pages on how well I was treated and fed. Plus I just didn’t feel like a typical patient! They (ALL) even sat with me while I ate, and ate their lunch too. I mean really! where they do that at??? We chatted as if WE were on a lunch break together.

That’s why I say with complete confidence, they care here, they help you here, they understand you here, and mostly because they have experience that is rare and genuine here. I am glad I waited and very happy with the choice I made.

I say thank you to all of the personnel who gave me a feeling of comfort and safety.

I am telling everyone about my experience at Hair Restoration Specialist.

It is unbelievable.

– Jashjuan S, Chicago