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Archive for March, 2016

What is lurking in your hair and body products?

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by hairrestoration

Barbie Pascal

Hair Restoration Specialists

We are all learning to read the labels when it comes to the food we eat, but how many of us read the labels on our hair and body products?  The ingredients in our beauty products can lead to hair loss and skin allergies, and can even affect our breathing.  We took the time to read the labels, and were surprised at the number of chemicals and toxins in our everyday toiletries.  Here is a list of some of the major offenders lurking in our hair and body products:

Formaldehyde– yes, this toxin is better known as antifreeze.  It causes wheezing, nausea and can be an eye irritant.

Proplene Glycol– another form of antifreeze leading to overly dry skin.

Phthalates– found in softeners, these chemicals mimic naturally found hormones in the body, and act as endocrine disruptors.  They coat and suffocate the skin and scalp, and are known to lead to breast cancer.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate– used to create foaming, as in shampoo and toothpaste.  This toxin was originally used as an industrial cleaner and degreaser, and also used in pesticides.  Probably not ideal for daily use in our hygiene products!

Parabens– these chemicals mimic natural estrogen in our bodies.  They bind to estrogen receptor cells and have been known to cause early onset puberty and menopause in women.

Dioxane– another foaming product.  This is also known as PEG, laureth, ethoxlated alcohol, or polysorbate.  Known for causing headaches, liver issues, hair follicle miniaturization, cancer and is irritating to the eyes.

We recommend you read your hair and body product labels and stay educated on the effects they can have on your hair and body.  If possible, opt for all natural products to avoid the effects of these chemicals and toxins.  Knowledge is the key to your overall health!

The Savin Scale of Hair Loss for Women

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by hairrestoration

Barbie Pascal

Hair Restoration Specialists

In 1996, Dr. Savin created a scale to depict the stages of hair loss in women. Not to be confused with a similar scale, known as the Norwood scale, depicting the stages of hair loss in men, who lose hair in an entirely different pattern.

savin scale



  1. No distinguishable hair loss
  2. Slight hair loss, usually in the middle of the scalp, widening where she parts her hair
  3. Gradually increased widening of the part
  4. Pronounced increased widening of the part
  5. Thinning hair at the apex of the scalp
  6. Increased thinning at the apex of the scalp
  7. More severe thinning of overall hair, increased widening of the part
  8. Advanced hair loss, barely any remaining hair in the affected area
  9. Loss of hair in the center and front of the scalp

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, visit the experts at Hair Restoration Specialists for a free consultation. Our specialists can recommend solutions to help you find the look you want.



Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by hairrestoration

Barbie Pascal

Hair Restoration Specialists

In 1975, Dr. Norwood created a scale to depict the stages of hair loss in men.  Not to be confused with a similar scale, known as the Savin scale, depicting the stages of hair loss in women, who lose hair in an entirely different pattern.

norwood scale


  1. No distinguishable hair loss
  2. Gradual hair loss, usually forming a wedge shape
  3. Pronounced receding in the frontal/temporal region
  4. Drastic receding, balding beginning at the crown of the head
  5. Same as level 4 with reduced density between active hair follicles
  6. A band of hair loss forming a bridge between the sides of the head
  7. Marked loss beginning at the base of the head, extending to both sides of the head above the ears

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, visit the experts at Hair Restoration Specialists for a free consultation.  Our specialists can recommend solutions to help you find the look you want.


Common Mistakes that Lead to Hair Loss

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 by hairrestoration

Barbie Pascal

Hair Restoration Specialists

Have you ever looked at your comb, brush, and pillow or clothing and wondered why you are losing hair?  Experts will tell us that “normal” hair loss for the average person is between 60 and 100 hairs per day.  Bottom line, your scalp and hair follicles are delicate and need TLC.  If you are looking to minimize your hair loss, here are a few things to consider:

DAILY SHAMPOOING/CONDITIONING– While we encourage daily bathing, it is actually not necessary, even damaging to shampoo or condition daily.  Shampoo can be harsh and degrades the organic structure of our hair follicles.  Conditioner, which by design coats the hair, can also suffocate our hair follicles, and prevent new growth, if overused.

STYLING PRODUCTS– Styling products like hair gels, pomades and hair sprays tend to remove the natural oils we need to promote hair stability.  Experts tell us to cut back on the use of styling products, or avoid them entirely.

CHEAP PRODUCTS– In the world of health and beauty, you get what you pay for.  We recommend that you don’t skimp when it comes to selecting your hair products.  Some of the less expensive hair care products add extra chemicals and scents to their ingredients which can damage your scalp and delicate hair follicles.  If you want to minimize hair loss, opt instead for more natural ingredients or turn to your salon for volumizing or thickening products, and use sparingly.

OVERSTIMULATION– The old wives tale about brushing your hair 100 times per day to distribute the natural oils from your scalp appears to be ill-advised.  Over brushing or combing your hair will, in fact, stress your scalp and hair follicles and accelerate hair loss.  If possible, gently finger comb your hair, and when necessary, use a wide toothed comb.  Never brush wet hair.

LONG HAIR– If you wear your hair long, the weight of your long locks is undoubtedly putting pressure on your roots, leading to increased hair loss.  Experts tell us that if you want a thicker head of hair, talk to your salon to find a shorter style that flatters your facial contours.

OVERDRYING– Hair follicles need tender loving care if we want to keep them healthy, promote growth and prevent shedding.  After a shower, it is recommended that we pat dry our hair, gently sopping up excess moisture.  Vigorous towel drying causes unnecessary stress on our hair follicles, and wet hair is when our hair is at its most fragile.  Avoid blow drying hair to prevent hair from becoming over dry and brittle.  If blow drying cannot be avoided, use the cool air option on most blow dryers.

PONYTAILS, BRAIDS AND CAPS– Ponytails, especially tight ones, will cause stress to your hair follicles causing hair loss.  If you choose to wear your hair in a ponytail, select a band that does not expose the rubber or elastic to prevent excess pulling, and opt for a loose ponytail.  Baseball caps and tight hats will put extra pressure on your scalp, and don’t let your scalp breathe.  The extra heat can lead to hair loss.  A good rule of thumb to remember is to avoid pushing, pulling or extra friction, if you want to keep the hair you have.

STRESS– Hair falls out, and is perfectly normal under the best of circumstances.  If you notice excessive hair loss, rather than stressing out over it, which can lead to increased hair loss, simply look at your daily hair care habits and change things accordingly.

DIET– Ensure that your diet is balanced and includes protein and vitamins like Iron and Vitamin B, which are both essential for healthy hair.  A balanced diet will keep your hair resilient and hydrated.  Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Now you have a game plan to slow down your hair loss.  If you continue to notice excessive hair loss, even after adopting these suggestions, visit a hair restoration expert like the team at Hair Restoration Specialists for additional options.  Consultations are free, and you will find plenty of options to address your concerns.



Posted on: March 3rd, 2016 by hairrestoration

Barbie Pascal
Hair Restoration Specialists

Selecting the best hair transplant professionals to perform your hair transplant is by far the most important decision in your efforts to restore or change your hairline. There are many organizations and medical practices, even some charlatans out there to sift through, and the choices can be overwhelming.

Let’s assume that you have already researched hair restoration in general, and you have some ideas as to what to expect…maybe even some questions. You may have talked to others who have had a procedure done, tried some of the medications on the market, even researched a bit on the Internet. The first step is to set up a consultation with a professional hair transplant expert.

Why choose Hair Restoration Specialists?? Glad you asked! There are many things to look for, if you want the optimum results after your procedure and the best experience before, during and after in your journey towards a better you:

  1. 1) Experience Matters!! Unfortunately, we live in a world where anyone can call themselves an “expert” at something, just by creating a persona on the Internet. The experience level of the team or professional you choose to perform your procedure has a direct effect on the results you can expect.

    At Hair Restoration Specialists, we have a fully trained staff excelling in all parts of the hair restoration process. We are not a “training center” and we hold our physicians, technicians and specialists to the highest industry standards. Each of our technicians and specialists must already be fully trained and certified, and must have at least 7 years of hands-on proven experience before they can even walk through our doors.

    Dr. Stein is Board Certified surgeon with over 26 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery and hair transplantation surgery. Our Clinical Director, Tatiana Maya, is a world-renowned expert who has trained in the United States and Europe, and dedicated her adult life to being a leader in the hair restoration industry. Over the last 14 years, she has been sought by the industry to regularly instruct “hair transplant experts”, physicians and surgeons world-wide on the latest techniques, technologies and procedures. We are highly skilled, whether doing a procedure by hand (called a Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE) or when using our ARTAS Robot, the latest in computer and robotic technology, to find the most viable follicles to successfully graft. Our Board Certified physicians are the best in their field, and our office is completely dedicated to hair transplants and hair restoration. THIS IS ALL WE DO!

  2. 2) Creativity Counts!! As it relates to hair transplant procedures, ARTISTRY is one of the most impactful pieces related to your overall look post-procedure. At Hair Restoration Specialists, we are fortunate to have true artists on board. We will create a natural looking hairline, specific to your face shape, hair growth patterns, and depending on your specific gender and ethnicity.

    This part of the process, the creation of your hairline, is done in our office by relying on years of experience; training and artistic talent to create a natural hairline that will fool even your salon or barbershop! This is also how we have built our reputation for excellence, as evidenced in our before/after pictures and testimonials. We commit to deliver the most natural looking results, investing in the resources of superior staff, the highest quality equipment, creativity and pure talent to transplant your hair. (The photos are Before/After of one of our clients, showing hair growth just following and up to 12 months after his procedure.)

hair blog

  1. 3) We Care About You!! Plenty of hair transplant patients found out too late that the “expert” they went to considered them to be merely a profit center. Hair transformation is our “Labor of Love”, and we treat our patients for life. Our reputation has been built, large in part, on our philosophy that our patients are like family. From the moment we meet you, you will see the difference in being treated by incredibly skilled human beings who care about you and the results you are looking for!

    Other practices may rush you through the process, but not Hair Restoration Specialists. We take our time with you, and pay particular attention during the process, as to the direction of hair growth associated with each graft, and place them accordingly to produce a look that matches your current growth patterns, face shape, and bone structure. If we choose to work together, know that we treat our business like a specialty boutique, not a big-box store, and treat our patients like family.

We suggest you consider these factors in your search for the best team to perform your hair restoration procedure. In the end, your results, and the experience you have with us along your journey will make you happy you found Hair Restoration Specialists!

For more information, please check out our website at or call us at 312-806-2203 to set up a FREE consultation!