• Experienced Technicians for Hire

    * Over 15 years of experience.
    * STRIP, FUE: SAFE, NeoGraft

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  • Outstanding Surgeons

    * Natural hairline
    * Optimal density
    * Minimal or no-scarring

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  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplants

    * Restore or improve natural shape
    * Scalp or body donor hair
    * Micropigmentation enhanced

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  • New! Scalp Micropigmentation

    * Appearance of close-cropped hairline
    * Enhancement of Transplant results
    * STRIP scar camouflage and removal

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    With our guidance, adding hair transplant surgery to your practice is effortless!

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This website is developed and maintained by a team of experienced hair transplant technicians to be a resource for doctors, patients and technicians. We offer the following services:

We hope you will find our website useful and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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The Value of a Good Technician

Most hair transplant patients underestimate the importance of a good hair transplant technician. Yet, a competent technician can make a difference between dense, natural looking hairline and a sparse, blotchy, odd-looking one. Hair-transplant procedure is a tedious, time-consuming task which would be prohibitively expensive if performed entirely by the surgeon. For that reason practically all hair transplant surgeons assign the bulk of the procedure to the technicians.

Hair transplant technicians extract follicles used for transplantation, process them and, often, implant them into the recipient sites. A skilled technician, specializing in hair transplants, will be able to extract more viable hair follicles than a novice one, thus allowing for a greater hair density. During the implantation, a skilled technician will know the precise depth and angle of follicle placement to avoid ingrown or protruding out-of-place hair. A skilled technician will be able to gauge follicle spacing to achieve the most uniform hair coverage and will know how to match the follicle placement to the patient’s own natural hair line.

Our technicians are expert with all types of hair transplant procedures, from time-tested Strip harvesting to cutting edge Neograft and have many years of experience working on a large variety of hair restoration cases with many different doctors. We dedicate our work to restoring your hair!

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"There is no substitute for experience" - T.Maya, CTO